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Can a Low-Carb Weight Loss Diet Cause Bad Breath?

Low Carbs Diet

According to the National Marketing Institute, more than 20 million people have tried low-carb diets like the Atkins method at some point. These diets are popular because they offer reasonable weight-loss results. When fans of these diets talk about their experience, though, you usually only hear thoughts related to weight loss and diet control. You rarely hear about a very unhappy side-effect – halitosis or bad breath.

Why does reducing carbohydrates cause bad breath?

When you are on a regular diet, it is the carbohydrates in your food that your body uses for energy. On many low-carb diets like the Atkins method, your body is so deeply deprived of carbohydrates that it has no choice but to burn fat to survive. Ketosis, the state in which the body burns fat rather than carbohydrates, is what makes these low-carb diets work. Read more